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morgan greene

Morgan is CEO and Creative Director at Naked Digital.  She founded Naked Digital in 2015 when she decided to utilize her creative talents to help the world move forward into the future.  She has a B.A in Computer Animation and worked at Pixar, Disney and Dreamworks with James Baxter and Glen Keane.

From a young age she had a creative spirit and a love for films, especially for Disney animations. In freshman year of high school she started pursing her artistic talents.  Immediately she decided film and 3d animation is what she was going to pursue for her career.

In 2005 she was accepted into the prestigious Ringling of College of Art and Design where 80 out of 400+ applications are accepted. In 2009 Pixar made a special spot in the internship program just for Morgan where only 6 out of over 3000 are accepted. Disney quickly offered her a job to work on a disney princess film called then Rapunzel, but we all now know as Tangled.  It was a dream come true to work on a Disney Princess Film and with Glen Keane who animated Ariel and The Beast.

In 2011 she went to work for Dreamworks on the film Croods with animation director James Baxter.   You may know him by his animation of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. In 2012 Morgan Greene moved to the Treasure Coast of Florida to work at Digital Domain and decided that she wanted to stay and work in paradise.  This gave her a unique opportunity to not only fulfill her left side of the brain as well as her right side.  So she started freelancing with innovative companies and individuals. It did not take long before she had an agency with top-tier clients with likes of Burker King, HP, and Bahamas Government.

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